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Story of the Gecko

A gecko has always been part of our logo and is a totem for our company. The gecko is a sign of good luck. Our first client lived in Hawaii and shared the story of the gecko with us. Then, one of our long time clients gave us a “Beware of Gecko” sign that hangs in our lobby. Our mom, Joan Kellogg loved southwestern art and bought a decorated metal wall hanging for our office. Jennifer Kellogg was in Hawaii at a very expensive restaurant for dinner. A baby gecko fell on her during dinner. She screamed and jumped out of her chair. We do not have a pet gecko, but we do have a pet corn snake in the office. Her name is Snakey.


We struck GOLD!

“I love to brag about the Kellogg Agency.  Several years ago, we began to invest in rental houses.  A friend recommended the Kellogg Agency, and we struck GOLD!

The agency personnel are professional, skilled, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the rental business and the local market.  Their contracts are great, they have supported us as owners, and have handled ALL the details of property management.  COMPLETELY recommend!”

~ Marion and John Schroeder
Management client (5 properties) since 2011

In the Market to Buy Rental Homes

“I did not have a lot of experience with property managers. I contacted Kellogg Agency because they were located in Rio Rancho and I was impressed with their web site.

I was in the market to buy some rental houses and I asked them what type of properties I should consider. They gave me some great recommendations on size, features and location.

Kellogg has been managing my rental houses since 2014. They are very good at keeping tenants by being responsive to their needs. When a tenant does leave, they will coordinate all cleaning and repairs and get the house re-rented in a surprisingly short period of time.”

~ Brian Davidson
Management client (3 properties) since 2014
Property Purchases (3) 2014-2016

Deliver What They Promise

“I’ve been using Kellogg Agency to manage our rental properties since 2014. They have managed tenant move-in and move-out, broken leases, and repairs (and they have always had a reasonably priced contractor in their Rolodex). What makes this Agency a winner is the fact that they deliver on what they promise. They take good care of us.”

~ Curt Garner
Management client (2 properties) since 2014

Minimal Vacancies and No Headaches

“Our rental properties in New Mexico have been managed by Courtney of Kellogg Agency since 2005. We couldn’t be more satisfied. Our 3 homes have always been rented with minimal vacancies and no headaches. I always follow Courtney’s recommendations as her knowledge of tenant relations is extremely high and dependable. An additional benefit. Around Christmas I told Courtney we needed to sell a property to make our new home purchase here in California. She got right on it and sold and closed the escrow on 3/29. She did a terrific job. I highly recommend her services.”

~ Ron Spak
Management client (3 properties) since 2005
Sales client (1 property) March 2019


Detailed Year-End Report

“As an out of state owner of property being managed by Kellogg I appreciate the responsiveness of the staff to the questions that I sometimes have. I feel like they really care about me as a client and they are patient with me. 

A second thing I appreciate is the end of year detailed report that they send out for each property. It shows all of the income for the year on each property and all of the expenses incurred by each property. This is incredibly helpful at tax time.” 

~ Verne Campbell
Management client (2 properties) since 2007 


“Awesome! I just love Kellogg Agency! Thank you!”

~ Regina Mancilla
Management client since 2010

Value Their Vetting Process

“We chose Kellogg Agency because my sister had researched property managers in the area for her rental properties and she had selected Kellogg. We have been extremely pleased with Kellogg since they began managing our properties in 2014. We value their vetting process that results in a rare tenant turnover because of a tenant’s inability to pay rent. We especially appreciated Kellogg when we had a fire at one of our properties; Courtney was onsite with the Fire Department at the time of the fire and she remained involved with the Fire Marshall and Insurer throughout the insurance claim process. By quickly coordinating with vendors, Kellogg had the rental unit available for occupancy in less than two weeks. We trust Kellogg to make the right decisions when it comes to vetting tenants and to choosing vendors that are reliable, competent and reasonable in cost.”

~ Kathy Gaillour
Management client (4 properties) since 2014

Hard Work

“I appreciate all of the hard work that you all do on our behalf.”

~ Steve McSwain
Management client since 2004

Highly Recommend Your Services

“Your company has been awesome and we appreciate everything you have done for us. We have and would highly recommend your services.”
~ Phyllis Reid
Management client 2011-2017

Friendly and Professional Staff

“Kellogg Agency managed my property since 2005 and did an excellent job in finding qualified, long term tenants. Over an eleven year period my property was rarely vacant.  Any repairs or upgrade related issues were quickly and professionally resolved.  Never once did I have any concerns how the property was being managed.  Additionally, all the staff was extremely friendly and professional when contacting the office and very thorough when answering questions or following up on repair related inquiries.  In June of 2016 the property was put on the market and Kellogg Agency handled the sale of the property which went off without a hitch.  I would definitely use them again in the future.”
~ Thomas Behnke
Management client 2005-2016
Sales client 2016

Nobody Better

“I appreciate all your great work at managing my property couldn’t get anybody better than you guys. Thank you so much.”
~ Dolores Portillo
Management client 2007 – 2018

I Picked the Right Crew

“Wow well thank you for pursuing that for me.  You guys are great. I picked the right crew. “

~ Michael Row
Management client 2013 – 2018