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Frequently Asked Questions

Statements & Online Portal

How is Kellogg Agency organized?

We use a departmental system to organize our business. With a departmental system, you may work with more than one person when you have a question about your home. We assign responsibilities by task. In our office we have a Maintenance Coordinator who handles all aspects of work orders, vendors, and repairs. We have a Leasing Manager who handles all aspects of vacant home advertising, showings, and move ins. We have an Office Manager who coordinates all administrative tasks.

One of the major benefits to using a departmental approach is that we are all cross-trained and we stay current on activities at all homes. You’ll never have to wait to get an answer about your house when someone is on vacation.


When and how do you pay owners?

We pay owners no later than the third Friday of each month.

Owners are paid via direct deposit. There is no fee for this service.

What can I access via the Owner Portal?

We offer an online account for our owners. In the portal you’ll find:

  • Owner Packets – all monthly statements with work orders and invoices. Packets are uploaded once per month.
  • Documents – leases, your management agreement, etc.
  • Payments – make an online payment when funds are needed for your property.

Your online portal is connected to the email address we have on file for you. If your email changes, please contact us.


What if I have a question about my statement?

Please review your statement before contacting us. Many of your questions can be answered by the information available on your statement.

We prefer that you email questions when they occur. Email provides a written record of the conversation. When you email a question we can research the answer before responding. This eliminates long games of phone tag.

Courtney answers questions about statements and accounting:

Michelle answers questions about maintenance:



Do I get a 1099 and year end statement?

Yes. We will post a year-end statement summarizing all income and expenses and a 1099 on the Owner Portal in January of each year.

Advertising & Screening Applicants

Where does Kellogg Agency advertise my vacant property?

We have a comprehensive advertising program which includes:

  • Advertising on our website.
  • Paid advertising on – which are then sent out to a large number of free rental sites.
  • Paid advertising on – listings are then sent to a large number of free rental sites.
  • Yard sign at the house.
  • We follow-up on all emails and phone calls.
  • We personally show every property. We schedule appointments with prospective tenants to show them the property. We DO NOT check out keys to strangers. 
  • We screen applicants.
  • We prepare lease and move in paperwork.
How much does Kellogg Agency charge for advertising?

We charge $250 + tax for each vacancy. This fee comes out of the first month’s rent. We don’t get paid until you get paid!

How do you screen tenants?

We use a comprehensive screening process that complies with Fair Housing and other federal, state, and local laws. Owners do not participate in the screening process.

We screen applicants on:

  • Income and employment
  • Credit score and history
  • Housing history
  • Criminal background

Please review our Application Terms & Conditions for applicants.

Can I be involved in the screening process?

No. We are trained in Fair Housing and other laws. We reduce your risk of a lawsuit by handling the entire screening process for you.

Can I do my own advertising?

No. It confuses applicants. Our advertising program is effective and will find you the best tenants.


Who pays for trash?

For homes in Rio Rancho, owners are required to pay trash service directly to Waste Management. Trash service is included in rent.

For homes in Albuquerque, tenants pay for trash service through the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA).

What is Landlord Standby (PNM & NMGC)?

PNM and NMGC have a Landlord Standby program which saves owners of rentals money. When a tenant moves out services is automatically transferred back to the owner’s name. There are no fees for this service. And owners do not pay any turn-on fees when a tenant cancels service.

We manage this program for your property. The bills will come to Kellogg Agency when a property is vacant. We will charge tenants for any portion of a bill that is their responsibility.  Kellogg Agency will be notified if a tenant falls behind in their payments.


How much does Kellogg require for an escrow account?

We require owners keep $500 in an escrow account at the Kellogg Agency at all times. The escrow account is a non-interest bearing checking account. These funds are used for utilities when the house is vacant, small repairs, and other incidentals.

$500 per property is required if we manage more than one property for an owner.

Can I do my own repairs?

No. Owners are required to use our vendors and may not perform their own maintenance or hire friends or family.

Do you contact me before you do repairs?

Yes and no. If a repair is going to be over $350, then we will contact you for approval. If a repair is below $350 we will approve the repair and it will be reported on your monthly statement.

Mortgage, Taxes & Insurance

Who pays the mortgage?

Owners are responsible for mortgage payments. We recommend that if there is a mortgage on the property that you are one month ahead on your payments.

Who pays the property taxes?

Owners are responsible to pay and keep current all property taxes.

Rio Rancho Homes: Sandoval County Assessor

Albuquerque Homes: Bernalillo County Treasurer

Who pays for insurance?

Insurance is required on all properties we manage. Owners are responsible for paying and keeping current all insurance premiums.

What kind of insurance is required?

Owners must have a “landlord” or “rental” policy on their property. A standard homeowner’s policy will not cover you when there is a tenant in the house.

Kellogg Agency must be listed as “Additional Insured” or “Additional Interest” on the policy.


What happens when a tenant doesn't pay rent?

If a tenant does not pay rent on the first of the month, then we will post a 3 Day Notice. If we are unable to negotiate a payment date, then we will begin eviction proceedings.

Is there a fee for an eviction?

Yes and No.

There are legal filing and posting fees that will be charged to your account and will be charged to the tenant’s account.

Kellogg Agency does not charge a fee to owners to evict a tenant we have placed in the property.

How long does an eviction take?

In NM an eviction typically takes 2-4 weeks.

  1. Tenant does not pay rent.
  2. Kellogg posts a 3 Day Notice before the 7th day of the month.
  3. 4 days later Kellogg files for eviction hearing.
  4. Hearing date will be scheduled within 1-2 weeks.
  5. When judge grants eviction, the tenant will be given 3-7 days to vacate the house.
What are the chances of collecting funds from an evicted tenant?

The chances of collecting funds from an evicted tenant are slim to none. The judgment (amount of money due) will be placed on their credit report.