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Frequently Asked Questions

Kellogg Agency has years of experience managing homes in HOAs.

Who pays Homeowner Association dues?

Owners are responsible for paying and keeping current all Homeowner Association dues, fees, and fines.

Please send ALL HOA violation letters to Kellogg Agency We will contact the tenant and make a note in their tenant file.

If a fine is the result of a tenant violation, please send the HOA violation letter with the fine to Kellogg Agency and we will bill the tenant.

What happens if I get an HOA violation when there is a tenant in the house?

We have a procedure for HOA violations. Please send all violation letters to us

  1. Our lease requires that tenants follow all HOA rules and regulations.
  2. We will contact the tenant and inform them about the violation.
  3. We will make a note in their tenant file.
  4. We will charge the tenant any fines that are the tenant’s responsibility.
  5. We will take legal action if HOA violations and/or fines are excessive. This may include a Seven Day Notice or Eviction.

Homeowner Association Documents

We manage homes in these HOAs.