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Smart Lockbox System

We are excited to announce our new Smart Lockbox System. As of May 1, 2017 we are using this system to advertise and show vacant properties. Did you know Kellogg Agency was the first property management company in Albuquerque to have a website back in 2003? We leverage the newest technologies to benefit our owners. This new system will get your house rented quickly!

Is Kellogg Agency the only company using smart lockboxes in Albuquerque/Rio Rancho?

No. Several property management companies are using this system. Therefore, we know it works well in our market.

What is a Smart Lockbox?

A smart lockbox controls access to a vacant house by issuing a code for entry. Each code is unique. To get a code, an individual must provide a verified cell phone number and a valid credit card. The code is only valid for one hour. Our office is notified every time the lockbox is accessed.

Does this change when you show an available house?

Yes. We will not show occupied homes unless we have an approved application. Vacant homes will be available for self-showings and agent-lead showings as soon as they are rent-ready.

Does this change when you advertise an available house?

Yes. We will no longer advertise a house until it is ready to rent. This prevents the listing from going stale.

Why are you changing your system?
  1. MORE SHOWINGS: More than double the number of showings per week means less time on the market.
  2. FEEDBACK: Review and rating system from prospective tenants.
  3. REPORTS: Showing reports to owners.
  4. TRACKING: Tracking prospective tenants and vendor visits to the property.
  5. FIRST IMPRESSION: Tenants rarely put forth the effort the effort to ensure the home shows as well as possible during the last 30 days of a lease agreement. Once the tenants begin packing to move, boxes begin to pile up and the home shows poorly. This leads to missed application opportunities from potentially good tenants and longer days on market.
  6. STALE LISTINGS: When we advertise a property 30 or more days ahead of the “move in ready” date the listing goes stale. We get calls asking us why the house hasn’t rented. They expect rent to be lowered for them because the house hasn’t rented.
Is the property safe?

Yes. We have done research on these types of systems. Property managers across the country are thrilled with how much faster their homes are getting rented. Property managers have not reported any increase in damage, vandalism, or theft to their properties. Prospects love this system because they can see the property when it is best for them. Every visit is logged in the system. The code is only good for one hour. And we collect a valid credit card for each person that uses a code.

Don't you lose the personal touch?

No. First, this system allows prospects to request a showing with an agent if they prefer. Second, we are notified when the lockbox is accessed. If a self-showing happens during office hours, we call them while they are at the house to point out special features and answer their questions.

Will this increase management fees?