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Frequently Asked Questions

Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first day of the month – even when the first is over a weekend or on a holiday. Rent is late on the second day of the month. There are no grace days. Initiate online payments on or before the first day of the month.

Can I pay my rent online?

YES – login to your Tenant Portal to make an online payment. Online payments must be initiated on or before the first day of the month to be on time. You may also setup a auto payment.  There is no fee for paying with an e-check. There is a processing fee to pay with a credit card.

Am I required to pay rent online?

No, but we highly recommend it. There is a $5 fee to pay with personal check, cashier’s check, or money order.

What happens if I cannot pay my rent on time?

You should contact our office as soon as you know your rent will not be on time. When you pay rent late:

  1. You will be charged a late fee
  2. You will receive a 3 Day Notice (pre-eviction notice)
  3. Late payments will be reported on your credit report.
When is rent late and what is the late fee?

Rent is late on the second day of the month. The late fee is 10% of monthly rent.

What happens if my payment bounces?

If your payment is returned for any reason, then you will owe rent PLUS late fee (10% of monthly rent) PLUS $35 NSF fee. Late rent and fees must be paid with cashier’s check or money order. And, all future payments must be paid with cashier’s check or money order.

Can roommates pay rent separately?

No. There must be only one payment per property.

Can my company pay my rent?

No. Rent payment must come directly from the tenants listed on the lease.

Is renter's insurance required?

Yes. Renter’s insurance is required. A minimum of 300,000 liability insurance is required if you have pets. Provide proof of insurance when you pick up your keys. Renter’s insurance protects your personal belongings.

How do I get my mail?
For neighborhoods with with cluster mailboxes: Take your lease to the nearest post office to get a mailbox assigned and re-keyed.
Can a friend move in with me?

No. Anyone who will be living at the house must be on the lease. All new tenants must be approved before they can move in. Fill out the Request to Add Tenant Form.

What if I want to move out but my roommate wants to stay?

The tenant that is staying must re-apply and qualify to stay in the house. Start the process by filling out the Request to Remove Tenant.

Why did I get a late fee if my rent was paid on time?

There are several reasons why you may have been charged a late fee:

  • You did not pay the FULL amount due on your account.  Payments are applied to all unpaid charges first THEN to rent.
  • Your rent or security deposit may have changed (with a new lease) and you did not pay the correct amount.
  • You were charged for a repair that has not been paid.
Will paying rent on time help my credit score? What about late payments?

YES! Paying your rent on time will help raise your credit score.

Paying rent late will also be reported on your credit report.