Tenant Services


Tenant Responsibilities

Your lease provides details about who is responsible for what maintenance. Tenants are also responsible for any repairs that are the result of neglect, misuse, and/or damage. NM state law states that something being dirty is not considered normal wear and tear. Tenants responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Changing light bulbs
  • Changing furnace and AC filters (not evaporative cooler pads)
  • Resetting breakers and GFCI switches
  • Replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Replacing batteries in garage remotes
  • Removing weeds, watering plants and trees, and performing yard maintenance – unless otherwise stated in your lease
  • Setting and monitoring auto sprinkler systems for the yard
  • Unclogging toilets
  • Unclogging and resetting garbage disposal
  • Making sure garage door sensors are aligned
  • Pest control

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered an emergency?

Emergencies are very rare. Having no heat is an emergency. Gas and water leaks should be reported directly to the utility companies, then call us. A fire is an emergency. Call 911 then call us. Another type of emergency is if you cannot secure the house, like if a door is broken.

Things that are NOT emergencies: no air conditioning; no hot water; a broken appliance.

How do I submit a work request?

All work requests must be submitted through the Tenant Portal. You can also track the status of a work request in your Tenant Portal.


How long does it take to get something fixed?
All repair requests are addressed and assigned to vendors within two business days. Repair time  depends on what needs to be done. Minor plumbing repairs are generally scheduled within 24 hours. Appliance repairs can take up to a week. If a repair is expensive and requires an owner’s permission, then it may take two or more weeks to complete the repair. Repairs that are not health or safety related may be scheduled after a tenant moves out.
Why was I charged for a repair?
You will be charged for any repair that is the tenant’s responsibility per your lease. Also, if the repair is due to damage, neglect or misuse, then you will be charged for that repair. This includes flipped circuit breakers, clogged sinks and garbage disposals, dead trees or bushes, pets damaging watering lines, etc. 
Can I paint?
Can I hang things on the walls?

We want you to make your rental house a home. We recommend using Command® products for hanging pictures, posters, decorations, etc.  Small nail holes will not be counted against your deposit unless we have to re-finish an entire wall. Hanging a flat screen TV or other large, heavy objects is considered damage and any repair will be charged to your deposit. A wall covered in thumb tack holes is considered damage. Do not apply wallpaper or wallpaper borders to walls. Do not hang anything from the ceilings.

Can I install a new jack or line for phone, cable, or satellite tv?

Tenants are responsible for coordinating and paying for all cable/satellite jacks, wiring, and service installation.

  • You are allowed to put ONE hole in an exterior wall of the GARAGE. 
  • The wires must be pulled and distributed through the attic and run INSIDE the wall to the new jack.
  • Each jack must have a wall plate and a connector. The top of the jacks must be installed no higher than 15 inches from the floor – or inline with the other electrical and/or phone jacks in the room.
  • For two story homes: wire can be run up the side of the house and under the edge of the roof to the attic, then pulled through walls to desired room.

Submit a Work Request

All work requests must be submitted through your Tenant Portal.